Combat devastating learning losses

Join us in the 2021 National Summer School Initiative 

In person or virtually, we can bring great teaching to children in grades 3-8 everywhere this summer.  

In our innovative model, participating teachers create a space where children feel heard, valued, connected and successful. Working in close partnership with award-winning mentor teachers in their grade and subject, they together craft and deliver exceptional learning experiences. 

We’re partnering with districts, charter schools, and independent schools across the nation to deliver accelerated learning and vibrant enrichment activities this summer. 

  • Summer 2021

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The programs

Vibrant daily programs across the grades

  • How it works

Enthusiastic Parents

I am satisfied with my child’s experience in the summer program run by NSSI [now Cadence Learning].

86 percent of more than 1,000 parents responding to the survey agreed or strongly agreed

On a scale of zero (very unlikely) to 10 (very likely), how likely are you to recommend other students attend the summer school offered by NSSI [now Cadence Learning]?

92 percent were very likely to recommend the program, responding with a 9 or 10 to the question.

The teachers are extremely encouraging and accessible. I really appreciate them.

My daughter has shown an amazing change in her participation in family discussions. If my husband and I are talking about current events, she has opinions based on things she’s read.

I was surprised at her interest in the book that was assigned. I caught her reading the novel at midnight. As soon as the library reopened she asked to get the book from the library. She completed the book immediately and then began writing and illustrating her own book.

I love the extra options that they have for my son to choose from. He is so excited about learning another language. It's optional and he is choosing to do it.

Extending the reach of great teachers

FutureEd highlights Cadence's innovations

A leading education think tank, examining staffing strategies inspired by the pandemic, features Cadence as one of four models to watch. Steven Wilson, co-founder, describes the mentor/partner teacher relationship: 

It’s like being able to sit in the back of the room of the best teacher in the building for weeks at a time and see his or her moves and adapt them and make them your own.

Mentor teachers

The finest teachers chosen from across the country

A focus on equity

Our five-part organizational commitment to leading for racial equity includes:

  • Rigorous curriculum that tackles texts and ideas that are at or above grade-level

  • Leveraging students' voices and expertise through discourse and deep thinking

  • Intentional connection and relationship-building, led by a diverse mentor teacher team

  • Psychologically safe classrooms

  • A culturally responsive curriculum that foregrounds and celebrates BIPOC authors and thinkers and elevates their voices and perspectives.

The curriculum both creates windows (to learn about other countries, people, cultures, and ideas) and mirrors (to affirm the beauty and brilliance of people who are similar to our students) that are vital for young people to grow and thrive.

Our partner network

Join district, charter, and independent schools partnering with us to offer a singular experience this summer.

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